The PREDATOR - the ultimate pickleball paddle

in Limited Edition Pickleball Paddles

$69.95 USD Includes Tax

The PREDATOR has been widely used in the Florida pickleball community for many years and has only recently become available in significant quantities to be offered nationally.

We selected a new hybrid carbon-fiber material knowing it resists wear and we then put it over the composite core with the thickest density on the market to give the PREDATOR a much longer life.


  • We tapered the handle to make the center of the grip slightly smaller. This feature gives the player a unique hand cradle for superior paddle control.

  • We added a delux cusion/ribbed/vented gamma grip to reduce ball-on-paddle trauma. We did this at no extra cost.

  • We know edgeguards have a tendency to eventually come loose, so we double glued the edgeguard on every PREDATOR to reduce premature edgeguard departure.

  • We tested many brands of premium industrial paints before finding one that gives us the exceptional anti-chipping qualities we were looking for. You're gonna love this paint as much as we do!

  • We proudly offer paddles you would build if you were building your own. We know the features in a paddle you want and give it to you in our products, at a reasonable price.

  • The PREDATOR weighs 8 to 8.5 ounces, and comes in a variety of colors.

We sell premium quality pickleball paddles. The worst thing about our paddles is "wonderful".


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